Pierre Henri Heurté

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Pierre Henri Heurté
Game Designer
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  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Prototyping
  • Programming
  • Unreal / Blueprints / C++
  • Unity / C#
  • Git / Perforce
  • French
  • English
  • German

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Mission Design

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Mission Designer
What I’ve learned on the project

As my first professional involvement in the video game field, it was a formative experience on multiple levels. My most important drive on this project was to work on gamification issues of a simulation software. Giving a casual player the means to master the simulation.

I’ve deepen my knowledge of the following skills, softwares and technologies:

  • Mission design
  • Gamification in a simulation game (UX, difficulty level)
  • Scripting on the in-house ACE engine
  • Communication in a large international team
  • Compliance with project milestones and deadlines
  • Taking feedbacks from the QA tests