Pierre Henri Heurté

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Pierre Henri Heurté
Game Designer
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  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Prototyping
  • Programming
  • Unreal / Blueprints / C++
  • Unity / C#
  • Git / Perforce
  • French
  • English
  • German

La Saison des Lilas

Game Design, Programming

La Saison des Lilas

Colorful side-scroller
La Saison des Lilas is a side-scroller through the four seasons! We worked on the atmospheres of every settings to give each one a specific feel! You follow Lila, a young girl whose father has forbidden her to go outside.
Week of development
Team Size
What I’ve learned on the project


La Saison des Lilas is an interactive experience for the « Games and Art » workshop of the CNAM-ENJMIN school. A one-week project between ENJMIN and EESI students. Our experience draws upon the book « Entre neige et loup » by Hélène Canac. I was in charge of the game design and the programming with Unity.

More specifically, what I did in programming :

  • Gameplay programming
  • Scene management

The Unity tools I’ve learned to use during this project:

  • Sprite Shape
  • Cinemachine