Pierre Henri Heurté

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Pierre Henri Heurté
Game Designer
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  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Prototyping
  • Programming
  • Unreal / Blueprints / C++
  • Unity / C#
  • Git / Perforce
  • French
  • English
  • German

Path of Esthesia

Game Concept, Game Design, Level Design, Programming

Path of Esthesia

A survival game with a sensory hypersensitive heroine
Path of Esthesia is a survival game that takes place in a surprisingly ordinary environment.

You play as a young sensory hypersensitive woman that must cope with the daily hassles of her condition. Help her make it through the city, identify what is depleting her energy, and find the way that leaves her in peace.
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Months of development
Team Size
What I’ve learned on the project


It was our first year project for the CNAM-ENJMIN school.

I pitched the concept and presented it to the school. During the development, I was in charge of the game design, the level design and the programming. I programmed most of the game, except for the graphics programming and the shaders.

What I did in game design and level design:

  • One-Page Document
  • Game Design Document
  • Game loops
  • Challenge balancing
  • Level Design sketches
  • Presentation to the jury

I’ve deepen my knowledge on the following softwares and technologies:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Git

More specifically, what I did in programming :

  • Gameplay programming
  • Game Manager
  • Player Controller
  • Input System
  • Scene management
  • Assets integration
  • Wwise integration
  • UI with TextMeshPro

Game Design Documents